Lottery rolls and TITO tickets are brand new members of our ticketing family, so we give them all the attention and accuracy they deserve in order to manufacture perfectly functioning and graphically rich media. We supply casinos, gaming halls and clubs with dust-free and cleanly cut tickets, as well as kiosks with durable and anti-counterfeit rolls, since flawless products are the best way to bring good luck to the gamers.

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List of technologies

No Bisphenol A, which is highly polluting and potentially damaging to human health

Lottery: from 60 to 120 g/m2; VLT: 110 g/m2

Thermally printable paper
Invisible ink only visible by heat, ultraviolet light or chemical reactions

Infrared ink only visible by means of devices that can see in the infrared range

Iridescent and optically variable
Iridescent ink displaying different colours depending on the viewing angle
Lottery: from 57 mm to 100 mm; VLT: 2,56 x 6,14 inches (65 mm x 156 mm)

Units of measure
Width and length available both in inches and millimeters

Ticket formats
Rolls and fanfolds

Logos, icons, specifications for use etc. printable on shrink wraps
Four primary colours and all the Pantone® colours

Black queue marks
VLT: 2 black queue marks

Bidimensional holographic stripes and patches

Screen-printed stripes

Perforation & Cutting

Metallic foil
Golden and silver foils

Codes & VDP
Barcodes, QR codes and variable data

Microscopic numbers and letters
Roll cores
Recyclable cardboard or polystyrene tubes

Sponsoring & Branding
Advertisement, logos and brands


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