Born in 1929, Tecnocarta manufactures paper products and labels for the medical, ticketing and heavy industry 

What’s the best way to tell a long story?  

Single  fragments, perhaps – a cart pulled by a chestnut horse riding alongside  Milan’s canals for deliveries, a country cottage used as a warehouse to  escape bombings during WWII, a giggling little girl labelling paper rolls with a thousand coloured stickers, a can of red ink spilt on the floor by a novice pressman. 

Ever since its foundation in 1929, Tecnocarta has been made of few, hard-working people who knew how to renovate it  again and again and this continuous string of ideas is the reason behind  our extremely diverse range of products.  

Graph paper in rolls and fanfolds, tickets and labels are produced in our factory nearby Milan, where we also stock the medical consumables we supply. 

Hospitals and industries across the globe use our recording chart paper, dream islands in the Indian Ocean employ our parking tickets, beach festivals have their line-ups printed on our custom entry tickets, food factories put our labels on their delicacies. 

It’s  exciting to know that pieces of your work, however small, travel all  around the world every day. And still, what we really long for is the  flash in our customers’ eye when they say “Look, there’s this new  project I think you can help me with!” 

Our History


Two brothers, Silvio and Guido Patellani, set up Tecnocarta selling notebooks and stationery. Production starts soon when Guido has the insight of printing charts for process recorders and paper measuring tapes for fabric.

Our History


Giorgio, Silvio and Guido's nephew, and his wife Mirella take the helm starting the Company's long process of internationalization. By then, production has already fully shifted to industrial and medical charts: Tecnocarta is the first Italian chart manufacturer.

Our History


Tecnocarta becomes sole Italian agent of the German company DIA-Nielsen GmbH for the distribution of innovative industrial marking systems as strategic complements to its industrial charts.

Our History


Giorgio and Mirella exhibit at international fairs all over the world and obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification.

Our History


Elena, Giorgio's daughter, and Stefano take over, starting to look for alternative fields of application without ever forgetting the Company's roots.

Our History


The company makes its first tentative steps in the ticketing world.

Our History


A brand new flexographic press is introduced giving new spur to production.

Our History


Tecnocarta keeps on fostering innovation through the expansion of its product portfolio and a radical image and communication renewal. As shown by its history, reinventing itself has always been in Tecnocarta's blood. Three generations, many printing machines and countless paper rolls have passed, but a fundamental idea still underlies the company: paper can only be ripped up by opposition to change. This is the reason why we never stopped questioning ourselves, moving forward with a new challenge we have become part of the Aro group.

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