ATB – Automated Ticket & Boarding Pass

Our manufacturing know-how also covers ATB fanfold tickets with progressive and regressive numbering, variable data, barcodes, QR codes and customised graphics, both for self-service kiosks and desktop thermal printers. Airlines need to manage passenger flows efficiently and elegant, functioning ATB tickets, however small, make a valuable contribution to the companies’ take-off.

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List of technologies

No Bisphenol A, which is highly polluting and potentially damaging to human health

Top coating
Top coating for a high resistance to dirt, moisture and wear

Paper weight from 140 to 200 g/m2

Water-repellent treatment
Water-repellent treatment suitable for high moisture conditions

Under right storage conditions, legibility is guaranteed for 6 years

Optical fibers
Optical fibers only visible by means of ultraviolet light (Wood's lamp)

Thermally printable paper
Invisible ink only visible by heat, ultraviolet light or chemical reactions

Infrared ink only visible by means of devices that can see in the infrared range

Iridescent and optically variable
Iridescent ink displaying different colours depending on the viewing angle
8 x 3,25 inches (203 mm x 83 mm)

Ticket formats

Logos, icons, specifications for use etc. printable on shrink wraps
Four primary colours and all the Pantone® colours

Consecutive and/or regressive numbering

Codes and VDP
Barcodes, QR codes and variable data

Microscopic numbers and/or letters

Perforation & Cutting
Pre-cuts, die-cuts and 7 mm x 2 mm perforations
Sponsoring & Branding
Advertisement, logos and brands

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