Working our way out of Coronavirus

9th April 2020

Difficult times require resilience - that's why we are still fully operational during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our employees are working either part-time, from home or in shifts – wearing face masks and practicing social distancing – to ensure both staff’s safety and prompt fulfilment of orders. Luckily most couriers deliver on time, which helps us not to leave any request behind.

As manufacturers of medical devices, our activity is essential for hospitals to carry on with the cardiac monitoring of patients, especially those infected by the virus and having previous heart-related conditions.

In the past weeks we had the opportunity to help one of the hospitals nearby with some urgent ECG rolls and talk with a volunteer of the Civil Protection, who pictured in very few and bitter words the war-like chaos and silent frenzy prevailing in the once neat and quiet wards.

Italy has been hit hard by Coronavirus indeed, but after four weeks of lockdown we have finally reached the peak and the decreasing curve lies just ahead of us. Italians have coped pretty well so far - you may have seen how people play music and sing together from their windows, that's just how positive we are!

The lockdown may continue for several weeks though, so we have thought about improving the way we connect with our customers – as there is nothing better than connection and dialogue to overcome fear and boost courage.

You can now you can reach out to us via Whatsapp at our company mobile number +39 373 752 2806 and tell us how you are doing, ask for information, send requests and orders – anything you want, really! If you are a fan of the app and can’t stand non-instant communication, we are sure you will love it.

The lockdown during a global pandemic is supposedly the worst to be alive – let alone do business – but our Chinese friends teach us that the word “weiji” = crisis is made up of both “danger” and “changing point”.

And you will surely see us make some changes in next months.