Ticketing Professionals Conference: we’re coming on March 2020!

Tech Tickets, Tecnocarta’s joint-venture with TechMed Charts, will take part in the most important event in the British ticketing industry: the Ticketing Professionals Conference (https://ticketingprofessionals.co.uk/).

The conference attracts more than 400 professionals from over 20 different countries every year. The aim of the event is the discussion between peers about entertainment ticketing, performing arts, sports, attractions and festivals.

Mr. Ian McGowan (Director of Sales and Marketing), Mr. Chris Laming (Managing Director) and Ms. Flavia Cabua (Sales Manager) will represent Tech Tickets and they will be delighted to present all the latest news, showing samples of tickets made for a number of different venues.

The conference will be held at the Vox Conference Center from 25 to 27 March 2020. Tech Ticket’s stand will be number 5, right in front of the restaurant stand in the middle of the hall, between Stimare® and CrowdHandler®. Delegates will find an extraordinarily large selection of samples, from the most common models to the most unusual layouts. Holograms, vivid inks, metallized foils and glossy paper are just some of the special features that delegates will have the opportunity to touch and see. (Take a look at Tech Tickets website: https://techtickets.co.uk)

We know that tickets aren’t only a piece of paper to venues, and neither to their audience. Tickets are the timeless keepsake of the experience enjoyed at the venue. For this reason, Tech Tickets will be by its customer’s side along the whole process, from the design to the printing of the single ticket, to guarantee the best ticketing experience.

If venues are short of ideas to project their tickets, Tech Tickets will handle it. The staff will listen to the requests of customers and produce the ticket they imagined.

In compliance with the EU regulation 2016/2235, Tech Tickets use only BPA - free paper. This way we protect the health of audiences and ticket clerks, who handle tickets all day long.

Tech Tickets will be more than happy to talk about tickets and venue structure at the conference, in order to find the best way to manage customers’ needs.

The Ticketing Professionals Conference will definitely be a very interesting meeting point where insiders of entertainment sector will get to share their knowledge and work out innovative solutions.