Tecnocarta to exhibit at Intertraffic for the 1st time

After participating as a visitor for the last 5 editions, it was high time Tecnocarta played an active role in the most significant traffic technology event in Europe - Intertraffic (https://www.intertraffic.com/amsterdam/).

The fair takes place in Amsterdam every 2 years and is attended by about 30,000 mobility professionals from all over the world. The fair's main focus is on infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility and parking.

Drawing on 10 years of experience in the parking industry, Tecnocarta will open its gates to the international markets and take its business to the next level. This year's exhibition will be largest ever staged, with over 800 exhibitors and a total exhibiting area of 70,000 m2. The perfect year to set up our stall for the first time.

We will grasp this opportunity to present our very recent joint-venture with a life-long partner of ours - the British company Techmed Charts - who will become sole UK distributor of Tecnocarta's tickets under the newly-created brand Tech Tickets. Two representatives of Techmed Tickets will be available at our booth throughout the exhibition to talk about business in the British and Irish market.

Our stall [ 03.432 ] will be specifically conceived to showcase the company's production abilities through an explosion of colors and an incredibly vast variety of samples, from the most popular models to some very peculiar layouts. Holograms, fluorescent inks and security grids are just some of the special features available.

Tecnocarta has come so far since 2008, when the very first Parkeon tickets were roughly printed with water-based red ink on a letterpress machine. Today we cover the ticketing needs of almost every OEM, installer and parking service company on the domestic scene, including Parkeon, Hub and WPS*.

Tecnocarta, in fact, does not only offer regular parking rolls and fanfolds, but also tickets with adhesive substrates, magnetic stripes and radiofrequency tags.

Such diverse product lines made it possible for Tecnocarta to enter the world of public and private transport, posing the challenge of more resistant coating solutions and new anticounterfeiting measures. From the North to the South, thousands of Italian travellers and commuters are now using our tickets every day.

Whatever the product, we really hope that Intertraffic will be both a meeting point and an opportunity for exchange and discussion among the different players of the industry, in order to acquire a greater understanding of the market and spot future developments.

After all, parking never really meant stopping. And we are not going to stop either.

See our online exhibitor profile here >>> https://company.intertraffic.com/?a=Vxq3x%2FtER1Oat2M1j8wDvxoTq7SNqKEgeuPpeEewLVY%3D

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